In the August Primary Election there were 19 candidates on the ballot for the vacancy in the 10th District, including 8 Republicans and 8 Democrats. Two Democrats raised a lot of money and won more votes than anyone else (20% and 15% of total votes). Because of Washington’s peculiar law, this means only those two Democrats will show up on the ballot–no Republican. The two Democrats are actively campaigning against each other and they will split the Democrat vote. Since the 10th District was created, it has been represented by a Democrat. Republican voters, however, have typically made up more than 40% of the General Election vote in the District for a Republican which lost. This year, 40% of the vote will elect the next member of Congress for the 10th District. This is why Marty McClendon will win the election if Republican voters simply write-in his name on the ballot.

Government Accountability

I believe that the government should be wise stewards of the public’s trust and their tax dollars. I am in favor of creating competitive pricing by bringing free market principles to bear to drive the quality up and the cost down. I am in favor of incentivizing good spending behavior and penalizing poor spending behavior. I am a big believer in having clear, measurable, realistic goals and a way to hold government accountable when they do not meet those goals. Every dollar should have a purpose and there should be a way to measure if it is actually achieving its purpose. Government in general needs to rein in the out of control spending and prioritize monies where they will have the greatest impact for good.


I am passionate about giving every student across our State the competitive advantage they deserve and as many educational pathways to choose from as possible while being fiscally responsible.

Currently, 1 in 4 high school boys and 1 in 5 kids overall do not graduate High School and 50% of High School students that do go to college dropout or end up with a degree with little to no future and many are saddled with tremendous debt.  According to OSPI statistics, only 49% of our kids are at the appropriate Math level and 47% are at level for Science.

Washington kids deserve more.


Support Small Business

Small business is the backbone of this country, employing upwards of 80% of all employees. Small business is the lifeblood of our communities. We must collaborate with our business community and re-open to restore and restart our economic engine. I will be a strong advocate for small businesses working with local governments to reduce bureaucratic red tape and costly roadblocks that drive the cost of doing businesses unnecessarily high and closes the door to those who want to start a business, thus reducing the jobs available and upward mobility for those starting out. Washington State needs to be open for business and get the people of Washington back to work. 


I know that families already pay some of the highest taxes in the country. We cannot afford a new state income tax. They don’t need more tax dollars, they need to invest our hard-earned tax dollars more wisely. Furthermore, we have seen our property taxes increase as much as 30% this last year. I have fought to stop hundreds of dollars in property tax increases that could have devastated homeowners and will continue to oppose more burdens on the people across our state. You work hard for your money; you should be able to keep more of it.