Write-In Marty McClendon for 10th Congressional


In the August Primary Election there were 19 candidates on the ballot for the vacancy in the 10th District, including 8 Republicans and 8 Democrats. Two Democrats raised a lot of money and won more votes than anyone else (20% and 15% of total votes). Because of Washington’s peculiar law, this means only those two Democrats will show up on the ballot–no Republican. The two Democrats are actively campaigning against each other and they will split the Democrat vote. Since the 10th District was created, it has been represented by a Democrat. Republican voters, however, have typically made up more than 40% of the General Election vote in the District for a Republican which lost. This year, 40% of the vote will elect the next member of Congress for the 10th District. This is why Marty McClendon will win the election if Republican voters simply write-in his name on the ballot.