About Marty McClendon for State Senate

Marty started life in a Naval Hospital in San Diego, and moved with his family to Washington State in 1972. In the years following, he saw different parts of Washington as his family moved around for his father’s work.

Marty’s father was a great influence on him. He had the work ethic typical of his generation, meaning he went where the work was, and worked hard each and every day. His patriotism and love of country, along with his faith were central to who his father was. One of Marty’s proudest moments was becoming an Eagle Scout, which reinforced the values of trustworthiness, honesty, faith and love of country instilled in him by his father.

Marty attended the University of Washington where he studied to pursue a career in medicine, and went on to become an Anesthesia Technician for 13 years. After marrying his wife Lyn, they moved their family to Gig Harbor, where Marty switched his career focus to Real Estate so that he could spend more time with the family. In addition to real estate, Marty is co-host of the nightly AM 1590 talk show “Eyes on Washington.” This program has given him the opportunity to speak with a wide variety of people throughout the area about the issues and challenges, both locally and statewide, that face us each day.

An Active Community Leader

Over the years, Marty has been an active community member, volunteering at Gig Harbor Boys and Girls Club, Make A Wish, Habitat for Humanity, Gig Harbor Rotary, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and many more. He has also has pastored a church for several years.

Faith has played a large part in Marty’s life. It was his foundation when his son was diagnosed with Leukemia, and when his wife Lyn was diagnosed with breast cancer and later suffered a traumatic brain injury. It has also allowed him to build relationships with people he might otherwise have never met. According to Marty, “My faith unites me with people who are different from me – different in age, race, gender, sexual orientation, political philosophy and in a thousand other ways. We are stronger because of our diversity, and better when we work together to solve the issues that we face.”

Why Run for Office?

Marty has long been involved on the “civilian level” of​ politics, and watching what has happened in this State under largely Democrat rule, including the punitive policies and never ending tax increases that have come out of Olympia and Seattle recently, he decided it was time to put his regular life on hold to try and make a positive difference for the people of Washington State and the 26th Legislative District.

Marty is enthusiastic about the future of Washington State, but knows there are opportunities for improvement. He will use his abilities to unite people to collaborate on solutions to: expand educational opportunities, fight against new taxes, hold government more accountable, Work on reducing government waste, make traffic congestion relief a priority, create a business-friendly culture by reducing the over burdensome and redundant regulations, and work to make sure that every citizen is heard and is represented fairly and effectively.

Marty Brings a Fresh Perspective

In Marty’s own words. ” I will work tirelessly for the the people of the 26th district and partner with our community to find solutions to issues we face and work to see those solutions through he legislative process. I will be respectful, fair and accountable to all. It is time that we live the Golden Rule and I will model that through championing Civility in and out of the 26th District.

Marty plans to help the people of Washington to become active participants in the governing process through the “3M Project” – a program that brings Marty together with local business owners, citizens, non-profit agencies and local governments to identify local problems, and collaborate on local solutions. Anything that cannot be handled on the local level, Marty will bring before the State government to craft an effective solution.

​Marty is passionate about working with and honoring our Veterans and active Military. He is devoted to helping all of the kids in District and across the state get the best Education available with the most choices possible. Marty is a strong advocate for all of your Constitutional rights including your 2nd Amendment.

“We must remember that the people are the government, and it is for their benefit that we have been given the opportunity to work and speak on their behalf.” ~Marty McClendon

"As the father of three children, Marty cares deeply about making Washington State a better place. Together, we can work for stronger communities for generations to come."


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