Washington voters in the 26th District want to know how Marty McClendon will help them! Here’s where Marty stands:

Government Spending

I believe that the government should be wise stewards of the public’s trust and their tax dollars. I am in favor of creating competitive pricing by bringing free market principles to bear to drive the quality up and the cost down. I am in favor of incentivizing good spending behavior and penalizing poor spending behavior. I am a big believer in having clear, measurable, realistic goals and a way to hold government accountable when they do not meet those goals. Every dollar should have a purpose and there should be a way to measure if it is actually achieving its purpose.  Government in general needs to reign in its out of control spending and prioritize monies where they will have the greatest impact for good.


Congestion is the number one problem with traffic. The longer people are stuck in their cars the lower the quality of life is at home. Much of the focus in Olympia has been on alternative forms of transportation including: Light rail, buses, and others. One of the solutions is to open up lanes and add more lanes to unclog our freeways and our city streets so that people can get to and from work, spending more time being productive and more time enjoying life. Congestion relief will also lower the costs of delivery goods which is good for business and the economy.

I will fight for our share of state transportation funding so we can widen the 16, add lanes to reduce congestion in Gorst, and work with local Mayors to improve traffic flow on our streets and overpasses.


There is a pervasive mindset that tolls are the answer to our transportation needs, and that is not completely true.  The idea of tolling existing roads that have already been paid for once by tax payers is not the direction I support. I will work with key stake holders to keep tolls low and to get that debt paid off so that the tolls will eventually go away permanently.  The solution is to be more creative and fiscally responsible with the transportation budget and not rely on tolling.

Small Business

Small business is the backbone of this country, employing upwards of 80% of all employees. Small business is the lifeblood of our communities. I will be a strong advocate for small businesses working with local governments to reduce bureaucratic red tape and costly roadblocks that drive the cost of doing businesses unnecessarily high and closes the door to those who want to start a business, thus reducing the jobs available and upward mobility for those starting out. The 26th District needs to be open for business which will bring jobs and money for education and charities, as well as new ideas.


The 26th District is home to a large population of active military and veterans who have decided to retire and live here. We are surrounded by Puget Sound Naval Shipyard with Bangor Naval base to the North and Joint Base Lewis McChord to the South. I will work to honor those who keep us safe and those who have served. I am dedicated to working on solutions for those veterans that have to commute to Healthcare services and are burdened by the costs of crossing the Narrows Bridge.  I am passionate that no veteran be homeless and that they get the medical care they deserve.

Here on the peninsula we have a large population of veterans who go down the Narrows Bridge or across the Sound for services.  I will work with local veteran organizations, county services and employers to have a one stop shop for Veteran support services here on the peninsula.


Homelessness is a multi-prong issue because not all people are homeless for the same reasons. There are some whose circumstances in life have collided with choices and they find themselves on the street. There are others that wind up there because of an addiction, and others who have some type of mental illness. With homelessness and drug use comes more crime which makes communities less safe and less desirable. There is no one fix for all homelessness, but I believe there are some very real, measurable solutions that will help address this growing problem. The first is being able to identify which category people fall in and which resources are available and match them up. I believe we need to do a better job of collaborating with non-profits and private charities that have had success over the long term of getting people off of the street and back to being productive members of society.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a major issue across this state. The cost of housing has increased dramatically by the regulations, permitting and obstacles that builders have to jump through in order to build. It has been estimated that 25% of the cost of a home is due to regulation. I will work with cities, counties and stake holders on zoning, land use and streamlining the process to get more housing in the market, thus bringing some ease to the built-up demand. In addition, I believe that we can provide affordable housing in a compassionate way and at a much more competitive rate by bring free market principles into play and expanding the public–private partnership aspect of it. Then we can build more homes and serve more people as they get back on their feet.

No to Extreme Liberal Policies

Extreme Liberal policies hurt citizens, stifle the economy and lower our quality of life. Seattle-style politics is to tax everything, ST3, Income tax, carbon tax, head tax, predictive scheduling, road diets, lax enforcement policies and so on. This has led to an increase in crime, made it less safe and made the homeless and drug abuse problem even worse. This is not what we want for the 26th LD. We want jobs. We want to have more in our pocket to invest in our communities. We want to be safe; have a vibrant economy and have an improved quality of life.  I will stand guard against the out-of-touch punitive polices of Seattle and fight to protect your values.


Currently 1 in 4 high school boys don’t go on to college.  We need to introduce vocation training to our students earlier; start in 7th and 8th grade, so students that can’t or won’t go to college have the skills to find good paying jobs.

I will work with our communities, businesses, schools and other leaders to expand and explore new and/or improved educational opportunities. I will aid those doing the good work in education to have the tools and the support to do the job. We have great schools and great kids; we have the opportunity to do even more so that the education and the skills-learning that is available to our kids is the envy of the state. Advancing our efforts with more vocational/technical training is critical to the future and also gives kids an option who don’t plan on going on to a four-year college. Many kids want to learn a trade and enter the workforce quicker, and vocational/technical training will help support that.

Gun Rights

I will advocate vigorously to protect your gun rights and will work with others to educate our community about gun safety.


I know that families already pay some of the highest taxes in the country. We can’t afford a new state income tax. This last year Olympia had a $7 billion surplus. They don’t need more tax dollars, they need to invest our hard-earned tax dollars more wisely.

Furthermore, we have seen our property taxes increase as much as 30% this last year. I have fought to stop hundreds of dollars in property tax increases from devastating homeowners.

"As the father of three children, Marty cares deeply about making Washington State a better place. Together, we can work for stronger communities for generations to come."

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