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Issues-Platform-Golden Rule 


Government – Open, Transparent, Accountable and Responsive:
Government is supposed to serve the needs of its citizens and should be open, transparent, accountable and responsive to their concerns. I will work to streamline and improve government processes, hold the government accountable to the public, and will pursue openness and transparency.

Excessive government regulations are choking the life from business which is our economy’s engine. They punish creativity, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship, and consequently stifle the innovation that is so fundamental to our economy.

Businesses create jobs which bring in tax revenue.  They empower us to chase the American dream, support charities, and to serve others. Nothing else runs unless businesses flourish. I will work to revise or repeal unnecessary, redundant, or punitive regulations which hurt our economic engine. This in turn will lower the cost of goods and services and will promote job growth in our communities.

“Excessive Regulation is the Problem. Excellent Leadership is the Solution.”

It is tragic that more and more of our veterans face the possibility of homelessness. I will work tirelessly to make sure we take care of our veterans and help those who serve our country avoid homelessness. This means ensuring a growing job base for our local veterans, for military families stationed here, and for the more than 8,000 veterans who choose to relocate and settle in Washington each year.

“Join me in making Washington state the preferred home for Military and Veteran families alike.”

2nd Amendment Rights:
As a member of the NRA, I am a strong supporter of the second amendment will oppose any legislation that threatens your right to keep and bear arms.

Environment :
We must be good stewards of the planet and of the natural resources we have without crippling job growth, property use, and without putting un-due pressure on our economic engine.


All of our citizens are valued and each one is invested in the future of Washington.  With that in mind, here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Changing the culture in the Lieutenant Governor’s Office

Government is by the people and for the people. Therefore I intend establish transparency in the office and be available to the people of Washington.

2. Solutions through communication

I will promote programs that aid communication between citizens and the agencies that serve them. I will work to engage local leaders, citizens, business owners, and government officials in order to facilitate dialogue between Washingtonians at every level -empowering citizens to help each other.

3. Restoring the federal forest lands to the state. This will restore jobs, and will bring greater funding to education. 

4. Changing the paradigm of government agencies

Government agencies are deeply concerned with money, and growing their annual budget. At the end of the fiscal year, agencies find ways to spend every last cent they have in order to justify the need for the following year’s budget. This is counter-productive and inefficient, and rewards waste. We should change the system to one where the employees are rewarded for efficiency and creativity. Here is how I propose we could do that.

A. Cap the budget with a 3% cost of living increase for 4 years.

B. Incentivize efficiency by directly rewarding employees and groups that implement changes and have measurable savings that can be verified by the state Auditor. For instance, 10% of the re-allocated monies go to the employees, 20% goes to fund un-paid pensions and 70% is re-allocated to education.

This is a win-win solution that rewards doing the right thing. 

5. Everybody in and Everybody wins

We win when we all win. It is time to have community, city, and statewide round tables where municipalities, marketplace and ministries come together and address the issues that they face in a constructive and beneficial way. This is called a 3M Network and it starts by agreeing to and implementing the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is the essence of this campaign, it is the foundation of the political framework I will seek to build while Lieutenant Governor of Washington: "Treat others how you want to be treated," so that together we can build a Washington that works for all Washingtonians.

I believe that every person is valuable, and as such has a God given talent or gift that they can contribute to making their community better. 

My hope is to engage with our local and statewide communities to ensure that we have solutions and not merely politics.The best way to do this is to value the differences between us that otherwise divide us, and to work to create policies that represent the unique needs of every county and district.