July Newsletter





This campaign has been a whirlwind of activity over the past week.

On Tuesday, I participated in the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce’s “Eggs & Issues Candidate Forum,” which provided a good spotlight to contrast my pro-business stance with my opponent’s big-government solutions.

I have also received endorsements from the Pierce County Master Builders association, the Human Life PAC, the Washington Hospitality Association, and the Washington State Farm Bureau this week. It is an honor to have their support, and I’m excited that my message has resonated with them.

As many of you know, many hands make light work, and that is still true on a campaign. We need supporters to volunteer whatever gifts and talents they have available, whether that’s getting on phones to spread the word, door-belling on a Super Saturday, sharing our events on social media, or financial support through donations. If you are able to help, please contact me or my campaign manager Jessica at info@electmarty.com or give her a call at 253-444-8963.

I am more fired up than ever to spread my platform of lower taxation, fiscal responsibility, and a balanced legislature that reflects our concerns for our community.

One issue that is very close to my heart right now is educational opportunity. Too many of our high school students, especially our young boys, don’t graduate because they don’t know about vocational training and other alternative paths to a traditional four year college education.

Let’s make sure that our schools provide support to students who don’t fit in the mold of immediately attending a four year university upon graduation, because they deserve our attention and support just as much as their college-bound counterparts.

Thank you so much for your continued support,
Marty McClendon

Upcoming Events:

On July, 7th at 10am, Team Marty will be doing a Super Saturday Door-Belling Blitz. We want to reach as many members of our community as possible, so bring your friends, family, and neighbors to help us spread the word of the importance of this upcoming election! Location TBD.


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