July Newsletter



I need your help in order to serve this community and this state as the Senator for the 26th LD. The stakes are too high, and the repercussions are unthinkable if we do not come together now and retain this senate seat.
The Marty for State Senate website is up, www.ElectMarty.com, the materials are in, and forums and events are being booked!
Now it is time to get to work securing the Senate seat, keeping it in Republican hands so that we can continue the good work of serving the constituents that Jan Angel started in the 26th Legislative District
That means door-belling, sign waving, parade walking, attending forums, building signs, pounding signs, and getting our Republicans and conservative-leaning voters out to vote by in-person conversations, phone banking, and direct mail.
If you can dedicate an hour per week, great. If you can do an hour per night fantastic! If you can do more, even better. If you cannot give time, but can give money, please do — everything helps. You can donate at www.ElectMarty.com.
Jessica Varvil, my campaign Manager, will be calling many of you on my behalf to invite you to the events I mentioned. I will post a current list of opportunities below.
The first immediate need is first Super Saturday door-belling event this Saturday 6/16/2018. At 10 am, we will meet at the campaign’s volunteer headquarters located at 1623 Stone Drive NW, Gig Harbor WA 98335.
We will have a gathering with doughnuts and coffee, get your phones set up with the canvasing application, and pair up in teams. Then we will go out to a neighborhood and meet the good folks in the District. After all our hard work, we can come back and have pizza and snacks.
Please let Jessica know when you are available, what you want to do, and what you are willing to do to make sure that this Senate seat stays Republican. Let it be known that we do not want Seattle politics here. This is the time for victory.
God Bless,
Jessica’s contact information is: 253-444-8963 or info@electmarty.com.