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Marty McClendon, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

As a World Peace Ambassador, I believe now is the time for Bold, Conservative Leadership with a vision for bringing the people of this state together in unity as one Washington.  We must tackle the challenges we face, so that we can launch our state on a path for long term success. It is time to honor our veterans, improve the business environment, clean up job killing regulations, improve education, promote strong families and safe communities and provide a healthy dose of common sense to the way we approach issues.

I am the only Conservative in the race and you can see more at and 

I was raised with values including: keeping your word, loving your neighbor, and the value of hard work. I earned my Eagle Scout which instilled: trustworthiness, honesty, bravery, and love of Country. As a lifetime Resident of both Eastern and Western Washington, Host of Eyes on Washington, business owner, and father of 3, I am passionate about leaving a stronger Washington for the generations to come.

As your Lieutenant Governor, I will advocate for win-win solutions, hold government accountable, stand for Truth, Fight for Justice, defend against any takings of your lands, rights, or freedoms, and implement the Golden Rule. God Bless! 

What does a  Lieutenant Governor do?

The role of the Lieutenant Governor is unique in that no other position in State government is both Executive and Legislative. The job is an opportunity to make a difference in Washington State and in the lives of its citizens.

In addition to filling in for the Governor which is historically about 3 months a year, a Lieutenant Governor presides over the Senate working with both parties with the goal of creating efficiency. Within this duty, the Lt. Governor is the tie breaker for all ties, presiding over joint sessions with both chambers. The Lt. Governor chairs the Washington state economic development and International relations committee.

Finally, another duty of Lieutenant Governor for Washington State is to be an ambassador to foreign countries, other states and to the citizens of this state.

As your Lieutenant Governor, my focus will be to address several things, including, but not limited to:

  1. Making government accountable and more responsive to its citizens.

  2. Fixing our VA system so veterans receive premier medical care.

  3. Putting a moratorium on all regulations for 4 years and assessing waste in all state government agencies.

  4. Creating a business friendly environment in Washington to attract new business and to encourage entrepreneurship, throughout the nation and abroad.

  5. Fighting to protect and restore private property rights, and all constitutional rights of the citizens of the state of Washington.

I look forward to the opportunity to be your Lt. Governor and to be part of a state government that returns to its’ primary duty, which is to be a servant of the citizens of our great state of Washington.

Marty McClendon Lt. Governor Campaign Sign

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